School Boards

School Board Terms of Reference

Reporting to Senate, School Boards are responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of academic quality and standards and the continuous development of education and research within the Schools.  The School Boards will facilitate debate to promote academic vitality and innovation; scan the HE sector for new thinking in academic disciplinary practice and the enhancement of the student experience; act as forum to seek out and celebrate examples of great academic practice and share these within the School and across the University.


  1. To debate and advise the Dean, or where appropriate Senate or a Senate Standing Committee, on academic matters pertinent to the School.

  2. To discharge in particular its responsibilities to Senate for the Universities strategies in relation to Education and Research through the establishment of mechanisms for the maintenance, review and enhancement of academic and scholarly activity within the School.

  3. To monitor and review the academic performance and associated operational matters of the School to ensure the maintenance and continuous enhancement of academic quality and standards.

  4. To ensure the ongoing monitoring and continuous enhancement of the student & staff experience across the School and to make recommendations as necessary to the Dean, or where appropriate Senate or Senate Committees.

  5. To discharge the appropriate scrutiny of the academic performance of students the framework of the University’s Regulations and associated governance structures

  6. To consider and debate strategies designed to realize continuous enhancement of pertinent research performance and/or knowledge transfer/exchange activities and to advise the University Research Committee accordingly.

  7. To receive, debate and comment upon the School Strategic & Operational Plans with particular reference to the proposed academic contribution of the School towards meeting the objectives of the University.

  8. To monitor and then report on the School’s academic performance in delivering education and research objectives to Senate or its standing committees, as defined and approved by Senate.

  9. To consider such matters as may be referred to the Board by Senate and its Standing Committees from time to time and take action as appropriate.

Any member School staff, whether a member of School Board or not, may submit a request to the Chair, through the Secretary, to have a relevant academic issue debated at School Board.  Where such items are included in the agenda, that person will be invited to prepare a paper, attend and present.

Standing Committees & Forums of School Board

  • Programme Boards
  • Learning & Teaching Forum
  • Research Forum


  • Health & Safety Committee
  • International Development Forum
  • Assessment Boards[1]


[1] Assessment Boards formally report direct to Senate, however they also have a responsibility to report on performance to School Boards.  Relevant academic matters arising from Assessment Board deliberations may also be presented to School Board for debate and comment.


School Board Composition

Ex Officio

  • Dean of School(Chair)
  • Vice Dean of School
  • Associate Dean Learning & Teaching
  • Associate Dean Research
  • Associate Dean International
  • Heads of Academic Departments

Elected Members

  • One Elected Staff Representative from each Academic Department
  • One Elected Staff Representative from School Professional Services

Professoriate Representatives

  • Two Members of the School’s Professoriate, nominated by the School’s Professoriate

Student Representatives

  • Students Association Sabbatical Officer assigned to the School
  • Five student representatives, representing, UG x 3, TPG x 1 and RPG x 1

Co-Opted Members

  • Up to two co-opted members, nominated by the Chair

Non Voting Advisors

  • Head of Programmes & Planning (nominated by Academic Registrar)
  • Academic Quality Business Partner (nominated by Head of Academic Quality)
  • Library Liaison Representative (nominated by Director of Library Services)
  • Other advisors, as nominated by the Chair

Secretary to School Board

  • Head of Programmes & Planning (Assigned to School)

Clerk to School Board

  • Dean’s PA

Invited Attendees

  • The Principal & Vice Chancellor or his/her nominee may attend any meeting of School Board
  • The Chair may invite others to attend all or part of a meeting as necessary, either to engage in discussion or as an observer.