Research Ethics and Integrity Subcommittee

The Research Ethics Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the University Research Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider applications from School Ethics Committees for proposed staff, postgraduate and undergraduate research involving human participants that is deemed to be non-routine, intrusive or likely to be ethically contentious.
  2. To consider an annual report from each School, and other approved grouping,  detailing the numbers of proposals considered by School Ethics Committees and those submitted externally, in addition to a commentary on any specific ethical issues facing the School 
  3. To report and act on recent legislation/developments which may have ethical implications for research undertaken in the University. 
  4. To prepare an annual report on the Committee's operation for the Research Committee.


  • Two members from each School: Vice Deans Research plus one nominee of Executive Dean 
  • Assistant Head Governance and Quality Enhancement - Information Governance 
  • Director of Academic Research
  • Up to two members of staff from any academic area of the University deemed to have particular expertise
  • One lay member
  • Chair*

*The Chair is nominated by the Research Committee and s/he must not concurrently chair a School Ethics Committee.


Professor Bill Hughes (Chair - appointed by the URC)
Professor Kay Currie (SHLS Associate Dean Research)
Mr John Ferguson (SCVO - Lay member)
Ms Yasmin Glover (Research Office representative)
Ms Hazel Lauder (Assistant Head of Governance - Information Governance)
Professor Ole Pahl (SEBE Associate Dean Research)
Professor John Harris (GSBS Associate Dean Research)
Dr Phil Dalgarno (SHLS Ethics Committees Representative)
Dr Billy Hare (SEBE Ethics Representative)
Professor Oonagh Walsh (GSBS Ethics Representative)
Dr Colin Milligan (Academic Quality and Development)


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