RDC Composition and Membership


Convenor                                                PVC Research Nominee

Director of Graduate School                    Ex Officio

Associate Deans of Research*                Ex Officio

Chairs of School PGR PABs                       Ex Officio

Director of Prof D Framework                   Ex Officio

Director of MRes Framework                    Ex Officio

Research Tutors (4*) Representative from Departmental PG - nominated by Deans

Student President or nominee
School PGR Student Reps                 Selected by GCU Students' Association

Non-Voting Advisors

Academic Registrar (or nominee)
Deputy Director of Graduate School
Head of Programmes and Planning School of Professional Services
Disability Coordinator for PGR students
Strategy and Planning representative
Secretary from Department of Governance

  *only one representative from GCU London due to size. Same person will be undertaking  both roles.
 Secretary from Department of Governance

Membership                                               Non Voting Advisors

Dr Lyle Gray (Chair)                                     Ms Diane Dickie (Registry)

Professor Bonnie Steves                             Dr Amy Cartwright (Graduate School)

Professor Ole Pahl                                      Mr David Moore (SPS)

Professor John Harris                                  Dr Grace Poulter (Graduate School) 

Professor Kay Currie                                   Mary Daly (Strategy and Planning)            

Professor David Harrison

Dr Claire MacRae                                        PGR Student Representatives  

Dr Ben Stansfield                                        Christopher Glover

Dr Bipasha Ahmed                                      Ahmed Kutbi

Dr Agnieszka Klemm                                   Ioannis Petrakis

Dr Suzanne Hagan                                      Kennedy Ouma Sigodo

Dr Julie Thomson

Dr Keith Halcro                                            Committee Secretary

Dr Margaret-Anne Houston                          Mr Paul Woods