Exceptions Subcommittee

1.    To consider all proposed exceptions to University policy, procedures or regulations, either submitted independently or submitted in the programme documentation for new programme proposals or programmes under review.

2.    To consider any issues referred by Programme Approval or Review Panels which, in the view of the Panel, constitute a deviation from the existing policies, procedures and regulations of the University.




 1.      All exception cases must submitted using the standard form.

 2.      The following information is required as part of any request:

 §  Programmes and/or modules (including Host Programme) affected

§  The specific regulation, policy or procedure to which the exception applies

§  The academic rationale for the exception

§  Evidence of Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body requirements which are relevant to the exception claim

§  The session, trimester and student cohort where the exception is intended to begin

§  For cases presented out with the normal programme approval/review cycle, a rationale for the timing of the exception case submission. 

3.     All forms must be authorised by the appropriate Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Quality (or equivalent role for Academic Quality and Graduate School).

4.     Cases will be considered by the Exceptions Subcommittee of the Academic Policy Committee and must be submitted in adequate time for implementation at the beginning of the following academic session.

5.     Any cases that arise out with this timeframe can only be considered with the agreement of the Chair of the Academic Policy Committee. 

6.     The completed form and any evidence relating to PSRB requirements must be submitted to the Department of Academic Quality and Development.