Equality and Diversity Committee


Fundamental to the University’s leadership in promoting the Common Good and the delivery of its 2015 Vision is the commitment to embedding equality and diversity.  The Equality and Diversity Committee is a committee of Court which reports through the Executive Board and as appropriate to the Senate. 


  1. To promote equality and diversity throughout the University in support of the University’s values and strategic commitment to the common good.  
  2. To monitor and report on the University’s compliance with equality and diversity legislation.
  3. To monitor and report on implementation of the University’s Equality and Diversity Strategy and to ensure appropriate KPIs are identified for monitoring purposes.
  4. To ensure that there is an effective communication strategy in place to keep the University Court, Senate and Executive Board appropriately briefed on equality and diversity issues.
  5. To receive progress reports from the Equality Outcomes Implementation Group, including quantitative and qualitative data.
  6. To commission, receive and review reports, qualitative and quantitative, from relevant student groups and staff groups.
  7. To review policy and procedures relevant to equality and diversity.