Academic Policy and Practice Committee

Terms of Reference

To advise and make recommendations to Senate on:

  • The promotion, implementation, monitoring and review of the University’s Strategy for Learning
  • The strategic development of the University’s portfolio in line with its mission
  • Matters of policy relating to recruitment, widening participation, selection and admission of students on taught programmes of study
  • The monitoring and enhancement of the student experience for all GCU students(home and TNE) and the strategic oversight of University action and policy and practice developments in response to student feedback
  • Matters of policy relating to quality assurance and enhancement in learning, teaching and assessment*
  • Matters of policy for the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates
  • Overseeing the implementation of enhancement strategies in relation to student progression and retention
  • Institutional research and development needs in relation to the Strategy for Learning and the student experience
  • The staff development necessary to support staff in the delivery of academic strategy
  • Regulations relating to the conduct of all taught (undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education) programmes

* The Committee will have a Learning and Teaching Sub Committee responsible for ensuring the effective implementation and monitoring of the University’s quality assurance and enhancement agenda

Composition and Membership 


Subcommittees of the Academic Policy and Practice Committee

Learning and Teaching Subcommittee

Exceptions Subcommittee