Academic Appeals Committee

Terms of Reference

The Academic Appeals Committee is directly responsible to Senate and has the following terms of reference:

To consider appeals from registered students against University Assessment Boards' decisions which result in their studies being terminated or their normal progression being delayed or which relate to the classification of their awards.

A student who wishes to exercise their right to appeal, on the grounds of procedural or other irregularity, must do so by completing an Academic Appeal form in accordance with the process set out in the Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures.  The appeal will be considered by the Department of Academic Quality and Development and, where deemed appropriate, a meeting of the Academic Appeals Committee may be convened.



  • The Academic Appeals Committee consists of a Chair who shall be nominated by the Chair of Senate, four members of full-time academic staff and a full-time officer of the Students' Association. Appellants have the right to object to the involvement of a representative of the Students' Association and, in such circumstances, the representative of the Students' Association would not attend or take any other part in the proceedings.
  • The four members of full-time academic staff are drawn from a pool of full-time academic staff appointed by the School Boards for a period of three years. No member may be involved in considering an appeal against a decision of an Assessment Board of which he or she is a member.
  • The Chair and two other members will constitute a quorum and meetings will be clerked by a representative of the Department of Academic Quality and Development.