Dean (Chair) (ex officio)

Vice Dean(ex officio)

Principal or his/her nominee (ex officio)i

Dean of another School or his/her nominee (ex officio)

Associate Deans(ex officio)

Heads of Department(ex officio)

Up to 7 of ex officio members elected by and from among the academic staff of the Schoolii.

Up to two co-opted members.

Three student representativesiii

The election procedures will ensure adequate representation of academic groupings in the School.

Elected members should serve for three years and be eligible for immediate re-election but should not serve continuously for more than six years. Members demitting office after six years may stand for re-election after a gap of two years.

i Does not count towards quoracy
ii In accordance with the Senate decision of 24 October 2008 where the ratio of elected members to ex officio members on School Boards was amended to 67% of the ex officio membership of the Board. This brings School Boards into line with the Statutory Instrument governing Senate.
iii Normally the School Officers.