School Boards

Terms of Reference

1.To ensure the implementation of all academic related policies and strategies approved by Senate

2.To monitor and review the implementation and operation of all Senate approved policies and strategies within the School and to make recommendations, as appropriate, to Senate on their ongoing enhancement.

3. To fulfil the requirements of all Senate approved policies and strategies in relation to the maintenance and enhancement of academic standards within the School.

4.To implement processes designed to ensure that the School is effectively meeting the requirements of equal opportunities legislation.

5.  To discharge its responsibilities to Senate for the Strategy for Learning and the University Research Strategy through the establishment of mechanisms for the maintenance, review and enhancement of academic and scholarly related activity within the School.

6.  To consider strategies designed to realise income generating potential within research and/or knowledge transfer/exchange and to advise the University Research Committee accordingly, via the School Management Group.

7.  To ensure the ongoing monitoring of the student experience at School level; to take such action as is required to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards with respect to the student experience and to provide such reports, data and information as required by Senate and its Standing Committees in their ongoing monitoring of overall Glasgow Caledonian University student experience.

8.  To provide annually (by the beginning of April) to the Department of Quality Enhancement the School Annual Report on monitoring quality assurance and enhancement of programmes. 

The content of the report will be as follows:

  • an introduction, including a description of the scrutiny process by the School
  • a brief overview of the health of the School portfolio of programmes, including collaborative provision
  • progression and retention
  • the success of the programme improvement plans, measured using the improvements in the key performance indicators
  • External assessor reports
  • Learner support and guidance
  • The success in implementing the objectives of the Strategy for Learning
  • A summary of the School's enhancement planning
  • Areas for University consideration

9.  To ensure the implementation and monitoring of the Admissions Policy and Attendance Monitoring  and Reporting Policies, including ongoing monitoring of the position with regard to applications and admissions to programmes.

10.  To receive and comment upon the draft documentation prepared by the School Management for the annual strategic planning cycle, with particular reference to the proposed academic contribution of the School towards meeting the objectives of the University.

11.  To receive regular reports from the School Health and Safety Committee.

12.  To receive and consider such reports, minutes, recommendations etc. from within the School substructure as may be required to meet Senate policy and/or the exigencies of the School Board and to take action accordingly.

13.  To consider such matters as may be referred to the Board by Senate and its Standing Committees from time to time and take action as appropriate.