Senate Composition

Members Ex-Officiis (22):

Principal and Vice Chancellor                                                                              
Deputy Vice Chancellor Strategy                            
Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic                                                                                      
Vice Principal and PVC Research
Vice Principal and PVC International                      
Vice Principal Governance                                                                                                          
Vice Principal Infrastructure                                                                                      
Director of Caledonian Graduate School                                                              
President of the Students Association                                                                  
Deans of School (4)
Heads of Department (9) 

Elected Members (14): 

Glasgow School for Business & Society (3)
School of Health and Life Sciences (5)
School of Engineering and Built Environment (3)
GCU London (1)

One member elected by academic staff not in Schools
One Student elected by the Students’ Association

Co-opted Members (up to 4): 

Court member elected by non-academic staff from among the members of such staff
Vice-Principal of City of Glasgow College
International Student
Postgraduate Student                  

Non-Voting Advisers:

Director of Student Life                                                
Director of People                          
Director of Strategy and Planning                        
Director Academic Quality and Development                          
Director of Library Services                                                                                                        
University Secretary                                                                                                                                                      
Chief Information Officer            
Academic Registrar    
Chair of the Senate Disicplinary Committee