Feedback Enhancement Group

The Feedback Enhancement Group (FEG) develops and implements approaches to enhance student feedback at GCU. Members include representatives from each of the 3 Schools and from Professional and Support Services across the institution. The group meets 2-3 times per trimester and welcomes contact from colleagues who would like to get involved.

Current members are of the FEG are:
Professor Kevan M.A. Gartland – Special Advisor and Professor of Biological Sciences (Chair of FEG)
Lesley McAleavy – Development Officer, GCU LEAD
Iain Stewart – Associate Dean (Learning Teaching and Quality), SCEBE
Angela Shapiro - Senior Lecturer, SCEBE
David Moffat - Lecturer, SCEBE
Karen Thomson – Associate Dean (Learning Teaching and Quality), SHLS
Dr Nicky Andrew - Senior Lecturer, SHLS
Les Wood - Senior Lecturer, SHLS
Jamie McDermott – Lecturer, SHLS
Karen Keith - Lecturer, SHLS
Dr Shirley Rate – Associate Dean (Learning Teaching and Quality), GSBS
Professor Ruth Whittaker – Director of GCU LEAD
Professor Linda Creanor – Head of Blended Learning, GCU LEAD
Dr Alison Nimmo – Head of AcceleRATE, GCU LEAD
Kirsty Roden – Deputy Director, Policy and Planning
Trish Boyle - Student Experience Project Manager
Margaret Ward – Head of Student Support Services
Vice President Education, GCUSA
Student Representative