• Staff Information

Staff Information

Staff and student sharing feedback at GCU.

GCU is committed to providing the best possible student learning experience. This includes providing high quality academic feedback that is timely, fit for purpose and designed to enhance the future learning of students. Our commitment to continuously improving the student learning experience is evidenced by the introduction of Feedback Principles @ GCU which apply to all students, whether they are undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, part-time, distance learning or work-based. The Principles are underpinned by the GCU Policy on Student Performance Feedback.

Feedback for Future Learning activities are designed to enhance the quality of feedback that we provide to students – whether formative or summative, verbal, written or electronic – to enhance their future learning. The GCYou Staff Portal contains a wide range of materials which we hope will be useful for you to use with students on your programme, e.g. within academic or skills-based modules. Please feel free to adapt, modify or contextualise the content as appropriate; you are welcome to tailor the materials to your own students’ needs. Resources available include:

  • Student induction materials
  • FFL workshop materials
  • FFL online learning units
  • Assessment feedback templates
  • Information for academic advisors 

You can also visit our Staff Resources page, which showcases some of the strategies and techniques currently used to deliver assessment and feedback within GCU. If you would like to share your own practice we would love to hear from you – please contact us at any time.