• Online Learning Units

Online Learning Units

Students using GCU Learn
  • EXPLORE the Feedback Principles @ GCU
  • UNDERSTAND how feedback can improve your learning
  • IMPROVE your student performance using 3 simple tools

Develop the skills and confidence to use feedback positively, enhance your future learning and improve your student experience! There are now five short Feedback for Future Learning Units available to all GCU students through GCULearn. The units explore the nature and purpose of feedback, giving useful tips about how you can make the most of the feedback that you receive at University and beyond. We will give you simple tools to help you view feedback positively and use it to improve your future learning.

Take time to work through the units in turn, reflecting on your own experiences of receiving, and using, feedback. 

You can also access them, in a slightly reduced format, below.


Student Feedback Guide: Race, P. (2007) Feedback, Leeds Met