• Feedback Principles @ GCU

Feedback Principles @ GCU

There are feedback principles that apply to every GCU student, whether undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, part-time, distance learning or work-based.

These principles aim to ensure feedback is useful and timely and that students have the skills and confidence to use this feedback positively to enhance their future learning and improve the GCU experience.

A dialogue

Feedback should be based on discussion, face to face or online, between you, your fellow students and staff. This dialogue is an important part of your learning and also helps academic staff to shape their teaching.

Supportive of future learning

Feedback should review your performance, your strengths and areas for improvement; should clarify what is expected of you academically and help to identify areas for further learning and development.


Feedback on Coursework should normally be provided to you within three working weeks of coursework submission deadlines. Exam and Module results will normally be released according to the results schedule.

Related to clear criteria

Feedback should be based on clear assessment criteria, which are made available to you in advance of undertaking your assignment or examination.

Accessible to all students

Feedback can be provided in a variety of different forms: written, for example by comments made on your assignment itself or on a feedback sheet; electronic, for example by email or through GCU LEARN, verbal, for example in lectures, seminars or one-to-one and small group meetings with your tutor. Feedback can also be provided by your fellow students and through self-reflection. Written feedback should use plain English and be clear and legible. It should also be responsive to any particular needs you have in terms of its accessibility.

A continuous process

Feedback, in its variety of different forms, should be provided throughout your module and where possible build on feedback provided on earlier performance.

Available on all kinds of assessment

Feedback should be provided on all your assignments, whether formative or summative, examinations, and group as well as individual contributions to a module.

Flexible and suited to students’ needs

The variety of different forms of feedback should ensure that you have easy access to your feedback whether you are full-time, part-time, distance or work-based.