What Other Students Say

"Was short and sweet - provided enough information to cover the methods of analysing feedback and provided details of where to get more info but didn't drag anything out."
4th year, Engineering Student
Really interesting and worthwhile. Learned a lot and look forward to putting the frameworks and thoughts into practice."
4th year, Business and Management Student
Very informative. We, as a class, got a lot of input and were listened to. Our opinions were valued."
3rd year, International Retail Marketing Student
"Before today I only ever thought of feedback as a mechanism for a single piece of work – I now realise it helps in future endeavours, such as post graduate jobs."
4th year, Human Bioscience Student
"Made me more aware of any feedback I receive and made me want more to help with my work. Realised how important it is."
3rd year, International Retail Marketing Student
"It laid out the foundations of feedback that are not always thought about, and expanded on why they are useful."
1st year, Occupational Therapy Student
"I think it was good to find out about different ways of feedback and why each one of them is valuable. Also that I’m free to ask for help."
1st year, International Fashion Branding Student
"The session was useful because it made me think about I how I react to getting feedback and what to do to get the most out of feedback."
4th year, Physiotherapy Student
"All the different types of feedback available as sometimes we do not realise we receive feedback when we actually have. Good examples, feedback is not just for academic purposes."
4th year, Social Sciences student
"Made me realise that it is important to see feedback as a constructive tool."
2nd year, Human Nutrition and Dietetics Student

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