You may not have thought of including a gift to your university in your Will. However a legacy could be the most important gift you ever make. 

Legacies form an important source of funding, helping to shape Glasgow Caledonian University and the student experience. As well as benefitting the University, all gifts in your will to GCU as a registered charity are free of inheritance tax. Therefore, by making a legacy gift to the University you can reduce the tax liability on the rest of your estate. 

With your support we can ensure that future generations share the same incredible experience you had when studying here. Gifts of any size really can have an impact for many years to come. And if you feel that you would like to support us but have other priorities at the moment, a legacy gift is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution with no immediate financial outlay. 


Unrestricted legacy gifts can provide GCU with the greatest impact as they allow the university to meet its greatest needs and respond to emerging priorities. 

Alternatively, you may wish to direct your legacy gift to a specific department or area of focus that you are particularly passionate about. For example: 

  • Unrestricted gift
  • Student support (scholarships and prizes)
  • Outreach/widening access activity (e.g. the Caledonian Club)
  • International activity (travel bursaries and study trips)
  • Academic investment (research/fellowships)
  • University buildings and campus development