Talented Athletes Support Programme

The Talented Athlete Support Programme has been supporting GCU’s most promising athletes for almost 20 years, with around 25 successful students on the programme each year. Operating in partnership with Glasgow City Council, Glasgow University and Strathclyde University, with kind support from individual donors, the programme has been designed to assist the athletes in developing their sporting potential during their studies. Manager of GCU’s Arc Gym, Kathleen Anderson says:

“I think the programme is an amazing way of supporting our talented athletes.  When the students come to speak to us they have dreams of being successful in their chosen sports but they know their success will come with a lot of determination, effort, dedication and self-discipline.  It is truly inspiring to hear their stories of how they cope with training and studies simultaneously!”  

Students from a whole range of sports have benefitted, including baton twirling, motor cross racing, athletics, boxing, rowing and curling. In addition to financial assistance to help with training and competition, the programme offers students access to a physiotherapist, sports masseur, nutritionist, coach, and training facilities.

Donor to the programme, Paul Morron, President of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, felt inspired to contribute:

“I was initially impressed by the student mix at GCU, and find the sports subsidy of great value to students. The success and impact on those who have previously been supported by the Talented Athlete Programme is just tremendous. I hope very much others will want to be involved in supporting these talented students and making a difference to their sporting careers. A little bit of support can reach far in terms of the impact it can make.”

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