Offcut Clothing 2

Georgia received the Sir Alex Ferguson Magnusson Award to help get her start-up company, Offcut Clothing off the ground. Her business produces quality business wear for women, made from a mixture of remnant materials including waste fabric, surplus fabric and unusual materials destined for landfill. The vision for the business is to be a successful fashion brand that can support the local community through partnerships and collaborations in the local community, as well as one that creates ethically with the purpose of reducing the impact of the fashion industry.

Receiving the Sir Alex Ferguson Magnusson Award has been completely life-changing for me. The Award has helped me to achieve my dream of starting my independent fashion brand that focuses on minimising waste and supporting the local community. I am very grateful to the panel of judges who chose to believe in me and my business idea. As someone who faced unemployment as a result of the pandemic, this award has been a lifeline for me and I’m excited for what’s to come next.

Georgia Barr
Sir Alex Ferguson Magnusson Award