Scholarships & Awards

Each year, through the Common Good Fund we commit to supporting a minimum of five scholarships that ensure finance is not a barrier to study.  Common Good Scholarships support students who have participated in one of GCU’s Outreach initiatives, including the Caledonian Club and Advanced Higher Hub, providing vital financial support throughout their university journey.  We also provide a variety of awards that ensure our students have access to a variety of educational experiences such as travel bursaries.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors to the Common Good Fund and those who support fully funded scholarships or awards, we are able to help hundreds of students who have the talent, ability and drive to study with us, to do just that regardless of their financial circumstances.

Providing a talented individual with the opportunity to fulfil their potential can be a hugely rewarding experience.  Donors can contribute to our Common Good Scholarships by donating to the Common Good Fund, or contact the Foundation Team to find out more about funding a fully funded named scholarship(s).