Common Good Fund

The Common Good Fund supports students at GCU by providing scholarships, travel awards, funds to enhance club and societies and funding for students to undertake projects that fit with the University’s mission for the common good.

Through this regular giving programme alumni and friends of GCU can make donations of any size and at any frequency. The Common Good Fund is an essential part of the Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation fundraising strategy. It offers an affordable way for alumni to give back to their alma mater and friends of GCU to show their support.

The fund is particularly special as it allows us to direct funding to where it can make the greatest impact for our students. The fund supports three categories of grants:-

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships from the Common Good Fund help to support students joining us via our widening access and outreach programmes including the Caledonian Club. Awards of £1,250 per year are awarded to talented students who could otherwise face financial difficulties studying at university, ensuring finance is not a barrier to education.  Scholarships are awarded annually and will be promoted to Caledonian Club members in the Summer.

Travel Awards
Travel Awards enable students to undertake life changing opportunities, including studying abroad, international professional placements or charity work overseas.  The ability to gain a global perspective, or simply experience other cultures, can be life changing, confidence boosting and career enhancing Travel Awards are made annually and are managed by the Student Funding Team.

Common Good Awards/Funding

As part of the University’s commitment to promote the common good, funding is available to support students undertaking activities that fit with our mission to support our communities locally and further afield.  Examples could be to cover expenses for a volunteering trip or establishing a community based project. 

Supporting student clubs and societies

For many, a GCU degree is about much more than lectures and studying. Music groups, sports clubs and cultural societies are just some of the many facets that help to make students’ time at GCU such a valuable experience.  Funding is available to help enhance clubs and societies.