2019 Magnusson Awards

Magnusson Awards allow students to embark on life-changing projects

From tackling the frontline effects of climate change, to volunteering on Cambodian hospital wards – these are just two of the life-changing projects to be carried out by students at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in the name of the University's late Chancellor, the well-known journalist and broadcaster Magnus Magnusson KBE.

A total of 10 students were presented with Magnus Magnusson Awards during a ceremony on Tuesday, June 4. The awards will enable them to volunteer with projects across the globe, bringing their expertise and knowledge to parts of the world where it will make a real and lasting difference.  Those in attendance at the ceremony also heard from previous winners about the inspirational projects they have undertaken.  Adam Dow used his Magnusson Award to establish his social enterprise charity for mental health sufferers, Stand with Me UK, Adam hopes to enhance education on the subject in schools and give young people a platform to talk and share their experiences with others.

The Magnusson Awards are made possible thanks to the work of the Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation, which raises funds to help transform lives through education. The Foundation has raised more than £8 million to date, supporting thousands of students through a variety of educational opportunities.

Students, their families and friends, staff and invited guests attended the annual event hosted by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies CBE and Dr Sally Magnusson, daughter of the late Chancellor and Honorary President of the Magnusson Fellowship at GCU.

Dr Sally Magnusson said: “The 2019 winners have some truly exciting plans and l look forward to hearing how their projects progress.

“I have no doubt they will act as worthy global ambassadors for GCU and the Magnusson Awards.  I wish them every success.”

After the 2019 Magnus Magnusson Awards Ceremony, we caught up with some of the award winners who had a message of thanks to our donors.

This year's awards were presented to:

Morgan Mickelson, MSc Climate Justice, Sir Alex Ferguson Magnusson Award: who will use her award to travel to Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific, where she will discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals with women who are fighting the harsh effects of climate change by empowering themselves to become entrepreneurs.

Amanda Graham and Emily Ross, MSc International Fashion Marketing, Sir Alex Ferguson Magnusson Award: who will use their award to create a sustainable swimwear brand, which will be available to buy through an e-commerce site, while using social media to create consumer awareness towards sustainable fashion.

Hannah Gibbs, BSc Nursing Studies (Adult Nursing), Santander Universities Magnusson Award: who will spend five weeks working on hospital wards and clinics in Cambodia, where she will experience the challenges of working with language barriers and limited resources. She will also have the opportunity to do a one-week outpost in a village clinic and stay with a local family, accompanied by a translator.

Martha Nasike, MSc Risk Management; Catherine Koranchie, Katharina Winterhalder, MSc Social Business and Microfinance: who will travel to Tanzania for two weeks to share their experiences and knowledge with the Umoja na Upendo Community Centre. There they will assist in the expansion of its Education Support Programme through a scholarship-awareness session, as well as skills enhancement workshops geared towards income generating activities in the local community.

Hanna Akalu, PhD, GCU Magnusson Award: who has devised a community project that involves an intervention with marginalised minority women within the local community in a bid to tackle issues of social exclusion, isolation, and discrimination. It will explore issues of wellness and community cohesion, as community members photograph and video their challenges, successes, and observations of a specific problem.

Jade Murphy, BA (Hons) International Fashion Marketing, Merchants House Magnusson Award: who will undertake a fashion internship for two months in London, working with A.I. PR company. This will be on-the-job learning, providing valuable industry experience and assisting her career path.

Audrey Mutongi, GCU Magnus Magnusson Award: a community development leader who will use her award to expand her social enterprise, The No 1 Befriending Agency, an intergenerational project supporting people who find themselves lonely or isolated.