2017 Alumni Telethon Campaign

The Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation team has recruited a team of enthusiastic students from across the University to work on its annual alumni telephone campaign, starting in February 2017.

The students will be calling alumni to update them on life at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), letting them know about forthcoming events and hearing their feedback about our alumni programme. The students are looking forward to hearing about their experience at University and life after GCU.  The students will also be taking this opportunity to tell them about how they can get involved with the University, update you on the progress of the Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation and seek your support towards our Common Good Fund.

The Common Good Fund was launched to support scholarships, travel awards, community engagement and provide financial assistance to add value to our student clubs and societies.

Director of the Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation, Jillian Watt, said:

“GCU continues to enjoy growing support from generous and committed alumni and friends, for a wide variety of initiatives that, without their support, simply wouldn't have been possible.  It means a lot to students to talk to alumni about their experiences of GCU, as well as to let them know about what’s going on at GCU today, and the difference that alumni support can make to the student experience.”

Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation, the operating name for GCU’s charitable fundraising activities, was launched in 2015. It works to support the University’s commitment to the common good by raising funds to transform lives through education and research to deliver social benefit.

Find out more about our Common Good Fund here.