Donald McIntyre

Took part in a group study trip to the African Leadership College (ALC) in Mauritius, one of GCU’s international partners.

Donald McIntyre_ALC_300px

Leaving the UK and seeing first-hand a different learning model was interesting and the students were amazing. It was motivating to see people from all walks of life interacting within the class,  and it has reinforced to me that everyone can learn differently and there is more than one solution to a problem. It has also opened the possibility about maybe working/volunteering abroad.

Personally, I am not as outgoing as I was in Mauritius. It was amazing to see that I was more capable to cope with a situation like that as it was quite daunting at first. I got to speak to people from all over the world – Dutch, American, Ghanaian, Kenyan, and many more – and it was truly enlightening to be able to hear other people’s life experiences. I felt at home – and I made a few friends that I still speak to on social media and if they continue their studies at GCU I will be here to make them feel at home.

Academically it makes me want to achieve the most I can by pushing myself. ALC took only a small percentage of applicants and it was very competitive by the sounds of it. This showed me that hard work pays off and I can achieve anything I want to achieve, if I put my mind to it.