The need for support is greater than ever in order to help students who have faced an incredibly challenging year. Dylan and Eve are just two beneficiaries who have overcome difficulties thanks to the support they received.

Dylan, a first year Social Work student, experienced a family bereavement during the pandemic as well as struggling to manage his finances. The support he received gave him the security he needed to start his higher education journey as well as helping to ensure he was able to access classes online.

In September, on the same week I started university my dad passed away and there was a lot of concerns around that time but the support I received actually pushed me to continue with this course and not put it off. I was awarded a scholarship and a technology grant, this has helped ensure I can just focus on the course rather than worry about the finances.

“What inspired me to study Social Work was my passion for helping people and being in someone’s life at a vulnerable point and making their bad days good days. I love being part of the University despite it being online right now.


International Marketing student, Eve’s financial circumstances changed for the worse as a result of the pandemic. A bursary helped her to get back on track with her studies and work towards the completion of a degree she loves.

I was extremely worried about my final year at university, particularly in the midst of the pandemic, however, this bursary has brought peace of mind and will help me to prepare for the year ahead with far less financial stress.

“I have had the best years of my life at GCU. Despite losing the last part of third year to a global pandemic, my partner losing his job as a result, having to work in retail throughout the peak of the pandemic and having to move into a new home; I managed to achieve Best Third Year Student on my course year because university is what keep me focused and motivated, giving me purpose every day.