Student Need

Supporting our students who need it most

The health and climate emergency’s devastating impact, has and continues to, disproportionately affect those from the most disadvantaged communities around the world.  

We believe that education is a vital tool in breaking the cycle of deprivation and that where possible people should be supported to continue their educational journey and reach their full potential.  That’s why through our Common Good Campaign we are raising financial and in-kind donations to support for our students who need it most. 

Easing the financial burden via Scholarships and Bursaries

Joseph Rowntree’s 2021 Poverty in Scotland Report states that around one in five people in Scotland are living in poverty and 14% well below what is needed to make ends meet. 

That’s why our Common Good Scholarships are directed to students with no access to income or family support.  Furthermore, our Sustainability Scholarships will enable students from the communities most impacted by climate change, at home and internationally, to undertake specialist postgraduate study that will hone their skills and knowledge to help drive the solutions required for a climate just world. 

Spotlight on Improving Mental Health & Wellbeing

The largest study into the mental health and wellbeing of students in Scotland has revealed that nearly three quarters (74%) of university students surveyed reported having low wellbeing.

The Thriving Learners study, published by the Mental Health Foundation, also found that more than one third of university students who responded (36%) reported moderately severe or severe symptoms of depression. Nearly half of respondents (45%) reported that they had experienced a serious psychological issue that they felt needed professional help.

Funds raised through the Campaign are being used to provide specialist training for staff and students, as well as tailored resources and initiatives to enhance our support for students.

Boosting employability through Match Funded Internships

Earlier this year it was reported that 30% of the UKs top employers cutting back their graduate programmes and internships (ITV News, April 2021) students now have less access to opportunities to gain graduate level experience. 

Funds raised via the Campaign are also helping to boost the number of match funded internships available on our MINT Programme (Mentoring, Internships, Networking & Talks) enabling our students to gain vital graduate level industry experience. 

Alumni and friends can also provide in-kind support via the MINT Programme, such as mentoring and delivering guest lectures, giving back time and expertise to help enhance student employability.