Student President
GCU Student's Association

Susan_Dochert_300pxWhat kind of challenge are you planning to do and why?

Walking. I love walking, I put my headphones on and listen to some good tunes and my pace depends on the tempo of the music. I’m planning on pushing myself more than I have been used to recently for the Kiltwalk and walk at least 15 miles, otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge, right?

What motivated you to take part – either personal or philanthropic?

I wanted to take part as the funds we raise go back into the Common Good fund which helps our students who need support this year more than ever.

How are you preparing for your challenge?

My daily walk in the winter consisted of a quick 30 minutes with my wee dog Trixie, I have added to this with 2 long walks at the weekend and will increase my daily walks to an hour or more if possible. And I am hoping this will have the added benefit of losing some of the pounds I have put on over lockdown :)