International Director
Glasgow Caledonian University

Steph_Pitticas_300pxWhat kind of challenge are you planning to do and why?

I’m actually planning to do 2 challenges: 1) an individual challenge of a 100km cycle and 2) a team challenge with colleagues in my areas, 15km walk across 23-25th April.

What motivated you to take part – either personal or philanthropic?

Anything to help, even if it is in just a small way, our GCU students that have faced hardship during this global pandemic. As a GCU graduate I am proud of all the efforts this University has made during this pandemic, so if I can help in any way with something like the virtual Kiltwalk to raise a bit of money then I’m happy to do so.

The decision to also pull together a team for a challenge also allows us to do something together which is a bit fun, albeit virtually but more specifically something that allows everyone to get away from the screen and out and about in the fresh air. So important for staff wellbeing!

How are you preparing for your challenge?

I am preparing for the challenges with 5km runs and quite a bit of outdoor walking. I am new to cycling so I have also been trying to get out at least 3 times a week practicing on the bike.

We have set up a MS Team group so that we can all share with each other our preparations and can all easily chat to each other during our team challenge, sharing pictures and experiences all in our tartan!