Alumni Engagement and Stewardship Officer
Glasgow Caledonian University

Linz_team_300px‌What kind of challenge are you planning to do and why?

Myself, my partner Gav, and my 6-year-old twins Willow and Magnus are cycling the 10 miles round our beloved Island of Cumbrae. We haven’t been able to travel there for 6 months due to the pandemic and with restrictions easing, it will be a special moment for the 4 of us to be back in the place we hold so dear. And 10 miles is a lot for their wee 6-year-old legs! Not to mention our unfit 40 and 50-something year old legs too!

What motivated you to take part – either personal or philanthropic?

Gavin and I are both part of the GCU Community, myself as a staff member of 10 years and Gavin as an Honorary Graduate, and the University is very dear to us both. 

We know and have seen first-hand how badly our students have been impacted by the pandemic. To support them through the Foundation and do our own small bit to help means a lot to us personally.

How are you preparing for your challenge?

We are all cycling as much as we can, even in the madness of the Scottish weather! 

And trying to reduce our crisp and cake intake in the hope Gav and I wobble a little less on the way round the island!