Acting Head of Governance
Glasgow Caledonian University

DD_300px‌What kind of challenge are you planning to do and why?

I’m going to run 30K over the three days that the Virtual Kiltwalk is being held. I’m going to vary my route each day, so each run will be at least 10K (6.2miles). It’s very hilly where I live, so finding three routes with as few steep hills as possible is also a challenge!

What motivated you to take part – either personal or philanthropic?

I was attracted to the idea of a physical challenge to push me outside of my comfort zone, whilst being able to raise money for a worthwhile cause. Knowing how hard the pandemic has hit some of our students, this is my way of doing what I can to make a difference.

How are you preparing for your challenge?

I do normally run regularly, but over the cold, dark and icy winter months I wasn’t even motivated to go out once a week. So, the Kiltwalk has encouraged me to find my running mojo again and I am now going out running 3 times a week. The big challenge for me will be running at least 10k on three consecutive days, as sadly recovery after a run takes longer than it used to. Run one will be fine, run two will be hard, and I’m not even thinking about how much run three is going to hurt!