Cristina Nascimento

Recruitment and Events Administrative Assistant
Glasgow Caledonian University

Cristina_300px‌What kind of challenge are you planning to do and why?

I am planning to complete 2 challenges for the Kiltwalk: 1) The 15km walk/run team challenge, using the Glasgow Green area from the 23rd to the 25th April and 2) an individual challenge consisting of completing a maximum number of pull ups in a minute each day.

What motivated you to take part – either personal or philanthropic?

This past year has been a real challenge itself for many people, especially for students who feel isolated and, for some of them, who are living away from their families. I can also relate to that, as due to COVID, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit my family in France for more than a year now. This made me want to contribute more into helping others, and using this time to make people feel better. I love the idea of helping other by doing something that I love, especially if it is fitness-related! So this will be my very first Kiltwalk and I am very excited to get involved! As a GCU Alumni and Staff member, I’m very proud to be part of the GCU Team and to help the GCU Foundation.

How are you preparing for your challenge?

As a figure competitor and former Zumba Instructor, my lifestyle in the last 4 ½ years has been fully focused on consistency and discipline regarding my nutrition and training. I am not so much of a cardio person as I enjoy more going to the gym on a regular basis to lift weights, do compound exercises, practice boxing on bags or dance in the studio. I am lucky to have some equipment at home and could maintain my training during lockdown, which will help for pull-ups, and I have been going for regular walks, which will hopefully help to complete the Kiltwalk challenge. I am also happy to be part of the MS Team group with other members taking part of the challenge, so we can support each other and share our amazing experiences!