MSc Fashion Business Creation
retailRIGHT seed funding

beneficiary_ana_280pxAna, was awarded seed funding to support the creation and launch of her fashion accessories brand MAKIKUNA.

Her home country of Ecuador inspired her to start a brand that offers authentic, fashionable accessories influenced by Ecuadorean culture and its people, sourced from a sustainable supply chain and directly from the makers. The seed funding enabled Ana to build her online platform and widely promote her brand.

This experience has opened the doors for my future success and the support I have received from GCU, retailTRUST and Hammerson will be honoured with hard work and commitment to grow my business within the UK, Europe and Ecuador. In my core brand values, I feel a deepest responsibility to foster equity and prosperity for artisans. It is not a coincidence that the University motto ‘For the Common Good’ shares my view of responsibility and creation of positive change towards our communities.

retailRIGHT seed funding