RSS feeds

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are XML files that are populated with the latest news from a web site. Putting all the latest news into one file allows you (and automated tools) to find out what's new on a web site without having to trawl through the entire site.

How do I read RSS feeds?

You can read RSS feeds using software called a "news reader" or "feed reader." A news reader can be a stand-alone application downloaded to the user's computer, or it can be based in a Web browser, so that it is accessible anywhere that has Internet access.

What are the most common news readers?

There are many available news readers available with new versions appearing all the time. The most popular web-based news readers include Google Reader and Yahoo; popular desktop options include FeedDemon, FeedReader (for Windows) and NewNewsWire (for the Mac).

What are the benefits of using RSS feeds?

RSS technology allows you to manage, in an easily scannable form, the sometimes overwhelming flow of information you receive from the Internet. By subscribing to RSS feeds, you see condensed versions of the latest items from your preferred sources of information and content (if they support RSS). Instead of visiting many sites regularly, you can scan, in one place, all of the latest headlines from multiple sites.