Online Payments

Tuition and University Accommodation Fees

The University has an Online Payment facility to collect the payment of tuition and University accommodation fees by either debit or credit card.

The online payment system allows students to make single, one-off payments for deposits, advance payments or invoiced fees. In addition, recurring payment plans, where applicable, can be set up for invoiced fees. Both methods allow you to print a receipt for your reference and you will receive an email confirmation of your payment details.

In addition, any member of your family or friends can make a payment on your behalf, should they wish.

Our Terms & Conditions for Online Payments can be found on our Policies & Guidelines page.

If your card details need to be updated you must contact the Finance Office on 0141 331 8195 with your new details to avoid any sanctions being placed on your account.

Graduation Payments

All Graduation payments must be paid online by either debit or credit card.  Payment must be made following online registration. Please see Graduation website for further details. If you have registered without paying, payment can be made at:

GCU Online Store

The GCU Online Store enables the University to sell products and services via an online shopping basket. All miscellaneous student items are able to be purchased through the online store.  

The online store can also be used for the collection of monies for all university activities.  For further information, please contact Operational Services.

Print Credit Payments

All print credit payments must be paid online by either debit or credit card. Print credit payments can be made at:

It is strictly prohibited to send card details by email or store your card details via electronic methods over the University network. For security when making payments, you should enter your card details directly to the Online Payment Systems using only the dedicated PC’s located at the Base, Ground Floor, Saltire Centre.