Staff Profiles

The key contacts in Finance are:


NameJob DescriptionPhoto
Lyndsay Brown Financial Controller  FNO_Lyndsay_Brown_240x165
Paul Queen Director of Financial Planning  FNO_Paul_Queen_240x166
Emma Mead Head of Operational Services  FNO_Emma_Mead_240x162
Christine Henaghan Assistant Head of Operational Services  FNO_Christine_Henaghan_240x168
 Agnes Russell  Financial Accounting Manager  ‎FNO_Agnes_Russell
Jeanette Evans Finance Business Partner  ‌‌Jeanette Evans
Stuart Mitchell Finance Business Partner  FNO_Stewart_Mitchell_240x155
Calum Cassidy Finance Business Partner  ‌‌Calum Cassidy
Jean Doganay Assistant Management Accountant  FNO_Jean_Doganay_240x157
Angela Van Gelder Head of Procurement  
Marion Murray Head of Treasury  FNO_Marion_Murray_240x175