Finance is responsible for the financial affairs and administration of the financial processes of the Glasgow Caledonian University. GCU is a registered Charity, number SC 021474.

Finance operates in accordance with the Financial Procedures and Financial Regulations as approved by the University Court. All employees should adhere to these policy documents which can be found on our Policies & Guidelines page.


To work proactively and collectively to enable a successful and sustainable University by delivering, promoting and supporting effective financial management and information to staff, students and other stakeholders.


  • Honesty & Integrity
    These core values are at the heart of the way we operate individually and collectively. We will always tell the truth and our actions will be consistent with these values.
  • Teamwork
    We will build productive, long-term relationships with customers, stakeholders and each other, readily sharing experience, resources and opportunities.
  • Excellence in Customer Service
    We are committed to delivering innovative and added value solutions that go beyond what is expected, always providing accurate, professional and timely responses to our customers and colleagues.

Finance Objectives

  1. To provide timely, accurate and complete financial transactions which record the financial impact of the University’s activities and safeguard the assets of the University by running effective and efficient systems
  2. To provide high quality financial information, advice and support to members of the University in planning, controlling and monitoring financial performance and to provide practical help in achieving the University's strategic plan
  3. To meet the requirements of governmental and other regulatory bodies
  4. To engage with funders to obtain and maintain the necessary financial resources for the University
  5. To support, inform and influence best practice in Corporate Governance from a financial perspective