Behind the Scene

Words and Photographs by Craig Donnelly, Fashion Business Graduate

FS_sign A lot of work, effort and of-course running around goes into putting on the Glasgow Caledonian Fashion show each year and this year it was definitely no different for all involved.  The event this year, showcasing the Fashion Business' students work from 2nd year through to 4th year, was held in amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy Silverburn.  On the day of the show there was plenty of activity, and lots to look forward to, and none of it would have been possible without all the hard work that takes place behind the scenes.  If you've ever wondered just what it takes to put on the show each year, then you've come to the right place. Everybody loves a bit of behind the scenes gossip.


Backstage Madness

It's always a little crazy backstage as everything is laid out ahead of the shows and there is a wealth of details to organise, all ensuring that the show goes off without a hitch.  We'd love to say there was some backstage gossip or drama, but everybody


helping out worked great together and helped put on an outstanding show.  It was especially important this year that everything ran smoothly as for the first time, the show was being put on four separate times throughout the day for the many shoppers of Silverburn.  We wanted to make sure each show was as amazing as the last.   Judging from the vast crowds that gathered eagerly ahead of each show and the positive response, we did not disappoint and the shoppers who gathered to see the show loved it.



Hair & Make-Up Madness

Really a necessity for any good fashion show is some good hair and make-up looks. It can only enhance the overall style of the show right?  After an early morning dress rehearsal for the show, ironing out any kinks in the running order it was time for the models to be prepped and styled by the fabulous hair and make-up team.  What would a fashion show be without some hot models to show off the students' clothes. The hair looks were kept simple, with simple slicked back hair and buns for the girls, with some slick side sheds for the guys.  Make-up was dark and smokey.  Everyone loves a good smokey eye right?  It's not all as quick and easy as it sounds though. There's a lot of hanging around for the models as the make-up artists and hair stylists work their magic, not all as glamorous as it sounds.  It's always a long day for the models working a fashion show but it's the end result that counts, and we're sure you'll agree all the models looked great on the catwalk.

Behind the Curtain

Perhaps the most important people on the day of the show is the people you don't see that work vigorously hard behind the curtains ensuring the models make it out onto the runway in time to shine.  Whether it was Sonia, from All Talent, the Sonia Scott Agency ensuring that the models made it out on time, in the right order and were pumped up for the show, or the many dressers on hand to get the models in and out of their outfits as quickly as possible, they are all just as important as the models themselves.  Not everyone sees the chaos that happens backstage, but getting the models dressed can be a little hectic.  There's not a lot of time between looks and it's crucial each model makes it out on time.  It's definitely a case of getting the models out of their clothes as quickly as possible and into their next look.  It's a hard job, but someone’s got to do it!  After some quick touch ups for the hair and make up, a final check that the outfits are sitting how they should, the models are back out onto the catwalk, strutting their stuff for the crowds, sometimes within less than a few minutes of stepping of the runway.

It's All About the Accessories


Masquerade masks, bunches of flowers, bows, hair bands, custom created belts, you name it, it was there.  It was definitely evident at this year's show, which maybe hasn't been so prominent at other shows we've done, that a lot of attention to detail was paid to

some of the looks that took to the catwalk.  Of-course we all know a well thought out necklace or a well chosen clutch can elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.  But this can only add to the work backstage.  Amongst all the chaos of dressing the models in their outfits, having the added stress of ensuring each accessory makes it out with the correct look can at times be a little manic.  We won't lie, we definitely seen some hair accessories flying off models heads at the last minute.  Quick thinking turned a floral head piece into a bracelet for one of our models.  Its always worth keeping a cool head in some crazy moments.  It all worked out in the end.

Here Come The Boys


Of course this year's fashion show wouldn't have been complete without some male eye-candy for the ladies who came along to the show and this year our male models did not disappoint.  Showcasing the fourth year's sportswear looks the men looked very suave on the catwalk, and of-course they did not take a lot of dressing backstage but still each outfit looked well put together on the runway. Just what we like, men who are easy to work with and who are equally easy to look at.

All in all the fashion show was a great success. Great models, great clothes, and a great experience. A big thanks goes out to everyone who was involved in the show, the models, Sonia Scott, Silverburn for hosting and of-course the students who created the amazing fashions that you saw on the runway. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next Glasgow Caledonian Fashion Show. We’re sure it will be even better.


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