Business Continuity

GCU is a dynamic, forward-thinking organisation, particularly in relation to Business Continuity planning and management, commonly  known as BCP and BCM.

The University has a strategic BCP.

The main BCP is tested at regular intervals and has been found to be fit for purpose.

However like any theory and conceptual idea recent continuity experts have expressed opinion that larger organisations should have BCP models for not just the wider institution but also for each area of business that makes up the sum of that business.  This idea has been strongly backed the both the governments in Westminster and in Holyrood.

To this end the Facilities Management Department FMD under the guidance of Therese Fraser Head of campus services and assisted by the Operations manager Ross Ferguson where tasked with ensuring that each critical area of GCU business be aided in developing more robust local BCP’s.

With this in mind FMD has reviewing the existing BCP plans for each School and business support area of GCU.

This uses the recognised BCM circular model of Impact and Risk - Strategy - Plan - Exercise and Maintain: