Gender equality

Karin, Environmental Researcher

Shona, Fire Engineer

Sarah, 3D Visualisation Specialist

GCU is committed to ensuring that gender is not a barrier to students pursuing the programmes of their choice. The detail of actions in this regard is included in our first Gender Action Plan

Our academic Schools have an important role in the gender balance of subject areas. A range of activities is undertaken during the recruitment stage at GCU, which enhance and support gender-balanced recruitment, and we believe that staff support and development is also key to this agenda.

The University is committed to gender equality for staff also and has made further commitments to addressing gender imbalances at senior academic level, as well as at Governing Body level.

Examples of the University’s key achievements include:

  • Involvement in SmartSTEMS to encourage young women into STEM subjects, Primary Engineer to encourage young people into engineering and Headstart, Inspire for Girls, Inspire for Boys, Engineering Development Trust programmes that include development of soft skills, experience of lab time and academic staff and student sessions.
  • Gender supporting student wellbeing policies including the Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy and the Trans Student Policy.
  • Gender Based Violence Working Group working towards preventing and responding to sexual and gender based violence. This is a priority development area for GCU and an important aspect of our overall approach to safeguarding the wellbeing of our students.
  • GCU has achieved the Athena SWAN Bronze Award. Driven by our Advancing Gender Equality Group, GCU is an active member of the Athena SWAN Scottish Regional Network. Furthermore, our academic schools have each made a commitment to applying for departmental Athena SWAN awards.
  • In 2012, GCU became a Living Wage Employer, and building on this base, GCU was confirmed as Scotland’s first accredited Living Wage University employer in June 2014.