Public Sector Equality Duty Report

Public Sector Equality Report April 2017

GCU's Public Sector Equality Duty Report April 2017 describes our progress on mainstreaming equality and diversity our Equality Outcomes 2013-2017. The overall picture is one of positive progress, with our Common Good mission clearly aligned with the requirements of the general duty - to eliminate discirmination, advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations. We can demonstrate strong staff and student engagement through our core activities of teaching and research as well as our support and operational activities. We can also demonstrate good progress across all of our Equality Outcomes which provides a firm basis for delivering our next set of outcomes for 2017-2021. 

The introduction to the report outlines the background and context. The report goes on to illustrate 'Equality at the heart of GCU' and how we have been 'Mainstreaming the general equality duty into our functions since 2015.' There is also a section on 'Equal pay', which is followed by a section describing 'Progress against our Equality Outcomes 2013-2017'. The final section, 'Data' provides a range of statistical informaion and key observations.


Public Sector Equality Duty Report April 2015

Our Public Sector Equality Duty Report April 2015 describes our progress on implementing our Equality Outcomes and mainstreaming equality and diversity over the first two years of the public sector equality duty.


Equality and Diversity Annual Reports

Our Equality and Diversity Annual Report April 2014 and Equality and Diversity Annual Report April 2016 provide an update on progress in between the formal Public Sector Equality Duty Reports.