Equality Outcomes 2021-2025

GCU's Equality Outcomes 2021-2025 build on the main themes of our previous outcomes and establishes some new areas of focus that reflect recent and emerging priorities. The outcomes are aligned with our new Strategy 2030 and our mission as the University for the Common Good.


Equality Outcomes 2017-2021

GCU's Equality Outcomes 2017-2021 build on our previous outcomes and support our commitment to meeting our public sector equality duty obligation. The outcomes are aligned with our mission as the University for the Common Good and strategy. The equality outcomes aim to be simple, specific and strategic and reflect the priority equality and diversity issues identified through the involvement of a wide range of internal and external sources.


Equality Outcomes 2013-2017

GCU’s Equality Outcomes Framework 2013-2017 describes the actions and activities that we are taking to implement our commitment to equality and diversity and mainstream equality and diversity. It has been developed with input from key stakeholders including students, staff and external organisations, and sets out a series of actions around improving culture, environment and knowledge, who is responsible and how we will monitor and measure progress. Our action plan is updated each year to reflect the completion of key tasks and top priorities.

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