Student Experience Framework

The GCU Student Experience Framework 2013-17 was produced following a year-long development project involving staff and students from across all areas of the University. Its vision is that by 2017, 100% of our students will be willing to recommend GCU as offering a truly outstanding student experience.

The Framework is structured around 7 GCU Commitment Themes, which cover the whole student life cycle. Under each theme we have set out what students can expect from the University and what the University expects from our students. The Framework also identifies 7 Student Experience priority themes for 2013-17. Under each theme we have specified our key objectives and the mechanisms through which they will be delivered.

The Student Experience Framework is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Supporting the needs of all students - regardless of background, previous education experience, programme, level, mode or location of study,
  • A “whole life” experience – we view the student experience in its broadest sense and recognise the importance of the support provided both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Centrality of the learning and teaching experience – we understand that the academic sphere is the most important site for nurturing the sense of engagement and belonging that is so important for student retention and success. Effective partnership working between professional support staff and teaching staff is essential in the delivery of a co-curricular approach to the student experience.
  • A personalised experience – we recognise the needs of an increasingly diverse student population and appreciate that an “outstanding” student experience will mean different things to different students.

Visit the Student Experience, Governance and Quality pages to download the Student Experience Framework.