Feedback for Future Learning

At GCU, we are committed to providing the best possible student learning experience. This includes providing high quality academic feedback that is timely, fit for purpose and designed to enhance the future learning of students.

We know that good feedback is an essential part of learning. As a GCU student, you will receive regular feedback on your progress. This can help you see where your studies are going well, and also help you identify how you could make improvements in the future. Without feedback, it’s very difficult to know how to improve your performance at university as you’ll continue to make the same mistakes and will find it harder to identify your strengths.

We have developed a set of 8 Feedback Principles that apply universally to all students and to all assessments undertaken across the University. The Principles form the basis of Feedback for Future Learning activities, which have been designed to ensure that you receive useful, timely feedback on your academic work, and that you have the skills and confidence to use it to improve your work on an ongoing basis.

Both staff and students play an important role in making sure that the GCU Feedback Principles are effective. Visit our Feedback for Future Learning pages to find out more about how you can make the most of your academic feedback and to find out what feedback can do for you.