Why should students take part in the competition?

Taking part in the competition is an excellent way of improving your employability skills while you are still at university. It gives you the chance to:

  • work on a real-life project for a social enterprise
  • network with employers
  • use your knowledge and expertise to support your local community
  • gain insight into the work of social enterprises
  • acquire real-world work experience
  • add value to your CV
  • increase your confidence
  • develop leadership skills
  • win a cash prize (£500 for the winner; £300 for runner-up)

Why should enterprises take part in the competition?

Organisations can benefit from the competition in many ways. You will get:

  • a small piece of work done for free
  • access to our keenest, most motivated students with new ideas and valuable skills
  • the opportunity to mould future graduates into the employees you are looking for
  • the chance to give students an insight into the work of your organisation
  • the opportunity to act as a role model for young people and advise them on their career planning

What can you ask the students to do for the task?

You might want to ask the students to do some research for you and present the results in a report, set up a new database, assist with a marketing campaign or social media strategy, make suggestions for an improved website, organise a small event or campaign etc. Some of our students also have video production skills. Given that they come from all subject disciplines in the University, you will have a very wide range of knowledge and skills at your disposal.

It may be helpful to look at examples of previous tasks that students have undertaken for organisations.

What do students need to do to apply?

Come along to the launch event in September 2016 when we will present the latest information on the competition and the new projects on offer.

What’s the timeline for students?

Information on dates and deadlines will be available at the start of the new academic session in September 2016.

How will we support you?

The steering group will support students throughout the competition.

This competition provides people with an insight into future career aspirations and enables participants to collaborate with real-life companies with experience.

Fourth year student,  Glasgow School for Business Society

This competition is an opportunity to gain work experience and employability skills. It’s a chance to get an insight into an organisation.

Second year student,  School of Health and Life Sciences

I would strongly recommend the competition to anyone who requires a fresh and impartial view on any task or project they may have or are considering.

Stephen McDougall,  Events for Charities

As a third sector organisation whose mission is to inspire young people to learn and succeed through enterprise, the collaboration through the competition for Young Enterprise Scotland is absolutely perfect.

Geoff Leask,  Young Enterprise Scotland