The PPACT record and action plan

Your programme team will provide you with a student-owned record and action plan. This is the PPACT standard of academic advising and should be completed in collaboration with your academic advisor over the course of an academic year. Some members of staff may use peer and group support as part of the academic advising process, and the PPACT form has been designed for use in both individual and group settings. You can use it to record any individual learning resulting from each advising meeting, whether it was in a group or one-to-one session with your advisor.

We recognise that some students (part-time/taught postgraduates) may already be in positions of leadership and, therefore, some sections of the PPACT form may not be applicable to you. Your academic advisor will work with you to identify the most appropriate sections to use to ensure that the advising process is relevant to your learning and development needs.

Completing and updating the PPACT record and action plan is the responsibility of each individual student. In accordance with GCU data protection guidance, the form should not be retained by academics, either electronically or as hard copy.