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Your Learning Experience

Engage is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved, to help shape their own learning and the wider student experience at GCU."
Professor Ruth Whittaker, Director of GCU LEAD

At GCU, we offer a flexible, inclusive approach to learning and teaching that enables and empowers every student to fulfil their individual potential. Methods of learning and teaching might include:

  • lectures
  • seminars or tutorials
  • group work
  • online or technology-based learning
  • real world projects or work-based learning
  • placements
  • practice learning opportunities
  • and more…

These are designed to create a variety of challenges for students and eliminate unnecessary barriers to learning, and are underpinned by the Strategy for Learning 2015-20 and Student Experience Framework 2013-17.

As a student at GCU, you will engage with your learning experience in a number of ways, many of which will take place within your academic programme. You will be supported by academic staff and encouraged to participate actively in your own learning and development. Each School in the university has a dedicated Learning Development Centre (LDC) to provide students with support, advice and guidance on a wide range of study and academic skills. All students are welcome to visit the Centres to seek assistance related to your studies. 

There are two university-wide activities which are central to enhancing the student learning experience at GCU: