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Student & Staff Partnerships

At GCU, students and staff work together in a wide range of ways. The following are just some examples of some of the partnership working and collaboration that exists across the University – if you would like to share your own practice, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at engage@gcu.ac.uk.

College Connect Student Intern

College Connect is a GCU initiative that aims to support students and staff through the articulation process. The team have recently recruited a student intern to look at current processes and practices and explore how to inform and engage students with the College Connect Strategy.

In this case study, Anne-Marie Docherty, a current Honours student at GCU who previously studied at Clyde College, describes her role as College Connect student intern. This has involved working closely with GCU staff, students and partner colleges to coordinate a College Connect Summit and providing ongoing input and feedback to help improve the student experience during the transition process.

For more information, please contact Anne-Marie Docherty, Student Intern at anne-marie.docherty@gcu.ac.uk or Yvonne Wayne, Articulation Partnership Manager at yvonne.wayne@gcu.ac.uk.

Student Experience Graduate Intern

Last year, the Student Experience Directorate recruited a graduate intern to work on a range of projects over a 6 month period. In this short case study, Stuart Martin describes his varied role, which allowed him to gain experience marketing, communications, events coordination, website management, social media strategy and research work. He worked closely with staff and students across the University and has now returned to GCU as Project Assistant in Student Experience.

For more information, please contact Stuart Martin at stuart.martin@gcu.ac.uk.

Computing students developing online resources for the GCU Career Service

The GCU Careers Service, as part of a GGAP funded project and working in partnership with academics in the computing department, invited groups of final year computing games students to bid for the opportunity to develop resources in line with a defined  brief.  Students were asked to propose an outline for how they would develop “innovative, useful and student-friendly web-based resources to help in the search for work experience”. Several bids impressed and two groups were selected. Participating students took the projects through from brief to design and implementation and experienced the challenges associated with working to a client brief and budget. 

This case study describes how the Careers Service worked in partnership with students to develop two interactive resources which will be included on their refreshed website. The resources will be piloted and evaluated in due course.

For more information, please contact Beverly Gardiner, Careers Advisor at beverley.gardiner@gcu.ac.uk.

Graduate Interns in the SHLS Learning Development Centre

Four graduate interns are currently working with staff in the School of Health and Life Sciences Learning Development Centre to jointly produce a set of online interactive resources using Xerte.  Xerte is a set of free, browser-based tools, which allow for the creation of interactive, sustainable and accessible open educational resources (OERs). Primarily, the resources will be subject-specific to support articulating students in Life Sciences, Nursing, Psychology and Social Work; however they can be easily tailored and made available to all students across the School.

For more information, please read this short case study or contact Dr Jane Guiller at j.guiller@gcu.ac.uk.

PASS sessions in Physiotherapy: Level 2 students mentoring Level 1 students

In this short case study, Elaine Lafferty gives an overview of PASS sessions which have been set up to support first year Physiotherapy students at GCU. Two second year students are recruited to act as mentors for each class group. PASS sessions are run once a week by the students for the students for an hour. This offers a safe environment for news students to ask questions and consolidate knowledge. The Level 2 students have the opportunity to develop mentoring and leadership skills, improve their confidence and consolidate knowledge from Level 1.

For more information, please contact Elaine Lafferty at elaine.lafferty@gcu.ac.uk.

Peer tutoring within Physiotherapy

The Peer Tutoring Scheme in Physiotherapy was set up in September 2013 to assist fourth year students to maintain their CPD and develop clinical skills whilst not on practice education placement. Currently, fourth year students are given the opportunity to work alongside lecturers to help facilitate student practice within practical classes for designated first and second year modules. The Year 4 students act as role models for the Year 1 and 2 students, providing them with examples of professional behaviour, motivation for clinical skills training and feedback. This is an extracurricular scheme and participation is optional.

For more information, please contact Fiona Moffat at f.moffat@gcu.ac.uk

Hub and Spoke model for practice learning experience

In this short case study, Dr Jacqueline McCullum, Senior lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Community Health describes the Hub and Spoke model for practice learning experience on the undergraduate nursing programmes at GCU, which is associated with positive student outcomes in terms of belongingness, person centred care, clinical skills, and professional role development.

For more information, please contact Dr Jacqueline McCallum, Senior Lecturer, at jacqueline.mccallum@gcu.ac.uk.

Articulation pathway: Direct entry to Year 2 of Bachelor of Nursing

In this short case study, Wendy Mayne and Samantha Bannerman describe how GCU works closely with colleagues from Scotland’s Colleges to support students to gain sufficient relevant practice experience, together with the theoretical knowledge required, to commence nurse education at GCU in Year 2. 

For more information, please contact Wendy Mayne at Wendy.mayne@gcu.ac.uk or Samantha Bannerman at Samantha.Bannerman@gcu.ac.uk.