Student Action Group for Engagement (SAGE)

They say students are experts in their own learning and I am sure you will agree. If you highlight great work lecturers have done and bring new ideas to the table, what you say will be credible and will be listened to. "
John Gaughan, Vice President, GCU Students’ Association

The Student Action Group for Engagement (SAGE) was established by the Engage team and GCU Students’ Association to enable genuine student participation in learning, teaching and quality enhancement, and with the wider student experience. The group is chaired by a Vice President Education within the Students’ Association and aims to meet at least twice per trimester. Core membership is comprised of the following student officers: 

  • Undergraduate School Officers
  • Postgraduate Students’ Officers (Taught and Research)
  • Mature Students’ Officer
  • Part-time Students’ Officer

…and, of course, any other students who would like to be involved! 

SAGE works closely with two staff networks:

  • Learning Teaching Quality Enhancement Network (LTQEN), which has a broad remit to co-ordinate and integrate institutional policy and practice related to learning, teaching and quality enhancement
  • Student Experience Forum (SEF), which aims to enhance the student experience at GCU

Members from SAGE, LTQEN and the SEF work together on short-life projects to enhance the student experience. The aim is that SAGE will become a valuable mechanism for students to work in partnership with staff to influence developments that impact on their learning experience, whether related to high level policy, or day to day activity. We hope you'll get involved.

 For more information on SAGE, please contact John Gaughan, Vice President GSBS at