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Welcome to Engage


By empowering students and staff to work together as partners, Engage provides a platform that will allow students to mould the future of GCU and ensure they are at the heart of that process."
Michael Stephenson, Student President, GCU Students’ Association

Engage is a newly established cross-university work and activity programme, committed to enhancing the student experience.  

The Engage team are based across GCU LEAD and the Student Experience Directorate, working closely with GCU Students’ Association, Academics Schools and professional support services to develop and promote a cross-university understanding of student engagement, and of the distinctive GCU student experience.

The work of Engage has two clear dimensions:

At GCU, we want every student to feel able and empowered to participate in, and influence, their own learning experience. We believe that engaging with our students and working in partnership across the University is central to enhancing student retention and success – working together is at the heart of everything we do.

We will provide a range of opportunities for you to engage with the University and influence your own learning experience. This could be within your own academic programme, or you might like to get involved with wider University initiatives and activities.

These pages will continue to be developed as the work of Engage expands so check back regularly throughout the trimester for information on how you can get involved.

Enhance your own learning experience at GCU       

Influence the wider student learning experience at GCU      

Participate in the Student Action Group for Engagement