Online Survey

In Phase 2 we developed a survey to examine the distribution of perspectives on the subject of life extension and terminal illness.  The findings from the initial Q study were described in the form of different questionnaire items to examine support for the perspectives. A survey company (YouGov) administered the online survey and a representative sample of 5496 members of the general public completed it. We sampled according to age, gender, country (of the UK), socioeconomic group and ethnicity.

 You can access sections of the survey on the left-hand side of this page. Each tab links to a module of the online questionnaire. Please note that your responses will not be stored, or analysed, this is just a demonstration version.   

In our survey, not all respondents would see all of the modules.  Each respondent was randomly allocated to a survey version containing a sub-set of the modules, although all respondents completed Q2S Approach 1.

We also developed an animated introduction which all respondents watched before completing the survey questions.