Mason H, Collins M, McHugh N, Godwin J, van Exel J, Donaldson C and Baker R (2018). Is “end of life” a special case? Connecting Q with survey methods to measure societal support for views on the value of life‚Äźextending treatments. Health Economics (early view).

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McHugh N, van Exel J, Mason H, Godwin J, Collins M, Donaldson C, Baker R (2018). Are life-extending treatments for terminal illnesses a special case? Exploring choices and societal viewpoints. Social Science and Medicine. 198:61-69

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McHugh N, Baker R, Mason H, Williamson L, van Exel NJA, Deogaonkar R, Collins M, Donaldson C (2015) Extending life for people with a terminal illness: a moral right and an expensive death?  Exploring societal perspectives BMC Medical Ethics 16:14.

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Baker R, Mason H, McHugh N (2018) UK spends generously to extend lives of people with terminal illnesses – against the public’s wishes. The Conversation, online.

Book Chapter

Rohan Deogaonkar, Rachel Baker, Helen Mason, Neil McHugh, and Marissa Collins (2016) Eliciting Societal Views on the Value of Life-Extending Treatments Using Q Methodology in Round J Care at the End of Life - An Economic Perspective.  Springer International Publishing.  London.

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